Monday, 29 July 2013

Fun Day at Yate Shopping Centre

Can you believe that we spent 5 hours at our local shopping centre without doing any shopping? That's because they hosted a big family-friendly activity day......for free! We joined some friends and enjoyed a lovely afternoon together.

We enjoyed a Teddy Bear's Picnic to begin with, which included a free packed lunch for the kiddies and a visit from Charlie Bear! Then we wandered over to the leisure centre for their fun day. They had an under 5's area which included tricycles, a slide and a bouncy castle! We then took the two older ones, Tristan and his girlfriend (wink wink), onto the children's tea cup ride (not free). Once they were dizzy enough, we took them to the beach! Yes, Yate have created a large sand-pit/beach in the middle of the shopping centre! Two gingerbread men, and one sand-in-mouth incident was time to walk home!

Great fun, within walking distance of home, and free (almost!). Perfect.

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