Tuesday, 9 July 2013

DIY Gift Basket

Now that I've finally given my friend her fabulous gift basket, I can upload the photos here on my blog, heehee  *Happy Birthday Jade*

Here I have created a DIY gift basket full of yummy goodies sourced from the luxurious M&S food hall! Including tea, Chinese crackers, Frizzante wine, chocolate, chutney etc.

I literally covered a large shoe box (minus the lid) in this wonderful pink Russian doll gift wrap (£1 from the local pound shop), making sure all corners are neat & tidy.

I used balls of scrap brown paper wrapped in pink tissue paper to line the bottom and to make the base 'spongy' so the gift items can nestle in securely.

The bottle of Frizzante wine took centre-stage with all the other delicious items being placed around it. I opened a bag of silver foiled wrapped sweets to sprinkle around to add interest and sparkle.

I wrapped the entire box in clear cellophane, and voila. A fabulous present for a fabulous friend!

Of course you can use a basket or similar (perhaps a brightly coloured mixing bowl if making a cooking/baking gift basket) instead of a decorated shoe box, and decorate with pattered cellophane and ribbons etc. It's up to your creativity!

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