Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Importance of Eyebrows

A month or so ago, I was lucky to win a Facebook competition hosted by a local beauty therapist, Jenna of Beauty Bronze.

My prize? Full definition brows!

On Friday afternoon, we set sail on grooming my translucent and poorly managed brows!

It's a 7-step process
1) Preparation
2) Tinting
3) Waxing
4) Trimming
5) Threading
6) Tweezing
7) Finish with brow powder

Jenna did a magnificent job in grooming my brows, and continually examined both eyebrows throughout the treatment to ensure they matched nicely. As you can see below from the photos, nicely groomed eyebrows are crucial to framing the face! And Jenna did a wonderful job, especially as my brows are naughty as they are very blonde (near invisible) and they didnt "drink" up the dye very easily.

Photo 1 - Pre-treatment with my usual eyebrow pencil

Photo 2 - Pre-treatment with one brow naked, the other with my usual eyebrow pencil

Photo 3 - Pre-treatment with naked eyebrows (argh!)

Photo 4 - During treatment, pre-finishing brow powder (excuse the normal swelling and pinkness)

Photo 5 - Immediately after treatment (excuse the normal swelling and pinkness)

Photos 6 to 8 - Day after the treatment - perfection!

Jenna is also trained in spray tan and eyelash extensions, so please do check out her Facebook page and website.

She also supports local heroes by offering a 10% discount to members of the NHS, fire & police service, and the armed forces (ID to be shown). Big thumbs up!

Thank you Jenna - I'm so pleased! I'm thinking eyelashes next!

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