Saturday, 27 April 2013

Family Trip to the Zoo

Last week, with Daddy Howe on annual leave from work, we trekked to Bristol Zoo with our free tickets (a thank you for taking part in a focus group earlier this year). It was an extra special trip as they now have an extra temporary attraction - Dino Zoo! And who loves dinosaurs??? Tristan does!

So, we tried to make this a cheap day out as possible:
Tickets: Free
Parking: £3
Lunch: Free (made sarnies and bought crisps and snacks from home, and had a little picnic next to the penguins and seals)
Extras: £1 for a merry-go-round ride for Tristan

Total: £4!!! (not including petrol, but the zoo is only a 30 minute car ride)

Some of the dinosaurs are a tad scary - as you can see Tristan was a little nervous of the T-Rex. They do move and growl, and one even sprays water! And they are scattered around the zoo. There were quite a few upset toddlers (about 2 years old) at some of the dinosaurs, so be aware if taking your little ones here during the DinoZoo period. Scarlett, being too young to understand, took it all in her stride!

Hope you enjoy a small selection of our photos

Bristol Zoo website and the DinoZoo's last day is the 8th September 2013.
Did you know that you can save 10% if you purchase tickets in advance via their website?

Have you been to Bristol Zoo? What are your thoughts? Did you and your little ones enjoy DinoZoo?

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