Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Scarlett's Little Friends - Leapfrog Scout & Violet

Here is an unwell Little Miss Scarlett playing with her soft toy friends!

Tristan and Scarlett both have a Leap Frog Scout/Violet, and they are brilliant as you can personalise the toy to say your childs name (very easy via a cable & computer). They are so great I've bought several more as presents for family and friends.

Each paw is a different function
The ball is a game-type function, where they say "Can you think of something red?" Etc
The moon plays 2, 5 or 10 minutes of night-time music
The music symbol is (obviously) music, and you can choose the songs when you first connect the toy to the computer. Some songs even incorporate your childs name
Then there is the off switch
On the newer models (such as Violet in my picture), there is a new button on the belly. This heart symbol says "I love you, Scarlett". How cute!

RRP is around £15, but sometimes you can get them for about £10-12 if you shop around and time it right.

We first bought Scout for Tristan for his first Christmas back in 2009, and he still loves Scout 3 years later.

Highly recommended x

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