Friday, 29 March 2013

Quiet again

Big apologies for not posting for a few you saw, Scarlett was grumbly but happy since Sunday, but on Tuesday afternoon, a few spots started appearing around her chin, and on Wednesday morning, they looked like bulbous blisters, and appeared on her neck and backs of knees.

Called for an appointment, and saw the GP later that morning. She was a little baffled, but concerned as suddenly we noticed a raised red rash on both her hands too!

We were told to go to A&E that day.

Now, this is the first time ive been to A&E since I was a kid, so I felt worried and a tad upset. Called hubby to come home. And off we went....

Only a 15-minute wait to see the nurse (I'm guessing baby + rash = high(ish) priority), but then over 90 minutes to see the doctor.

Thankfully, because Scarlett was happy & smiley, eating & drinking well, normal nappies, and normal temperature, he diagnosed the rash & blisters as a dermatological reaction to a viral infection. Basically a skin reaction & excema.

So, we have to bathe her in Oilatum and smother her in E45 to help soothe her skin. And naturally let her get over the viral infection.

That was not a fun day on Wednesday,.....but on Thursday I woke up with a cold. Fantastic, lol.

Oh well..... :D

Coming up this long Easter with Tristan, Easter egg hunt, arts'n'crafts with T & S, Easter OOTDs..... Enjoy xxx

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