Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Baby Girls Clothes Haul

Here are some photos of the fabulous clothes I purchased for Little Miss S over the past week.

The first is a gorgeous jungle print dress with matching panties from Baby Gap. I got these from another mum - we swapped some 3-6 clothes as we both have baby girls.

The two pairs of trousers are both from H&M last week. A lush pair of navy jeans with polka dors, and a cherry red tomato pair. These will look lush over the winter.

The long-sleeved bodysuit is very trendy with its owl print. So adorable. Again, bought from H&M last week.

From M&Co just yesterday, a pair of tights which look like little red shoes! A little bit expensive at a fiver but too cute not to buy.  And, a summer hat that resembles a strawberry at half price (down to only £2,50) which will be gorgeous for summer 2013.

I took advantage of a Matalan 50% off VIP online sale over the weekend, and have a lushious blue blazer which will be grear for spring 2013 - hopefully delivery will be later this week.

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