Friday, 27 July 2012

Triple Celebration!

A few weeks ago, we held a Family Triple Celebration
1) Our 5th wedding anniversary
2) Tristan's 3rd birthday
3) Scarlett's naming ceremony!

It was a fabulous day, with all the family attending in our new home!

Enjoy the photos!

I made this out of some old wood! Found these cute cardboard butterflies in the local bookstore for only 99p, and some £8.99 chalkboard paint from good ol' B&Q. Add in some random used paint in the garage, and voila! One cute sign for the outside of the house so our guests knew they had arrived at the correct address.

Found these yellow square candles while living in Germany! They will never be lit, but make great birthday party decorations.  

 These are the homemade party bags I made for the children! Bought some cellophane bags and sweet paper bags from Amazon. Filled up the sweet bags with swets (der!), added a bottle of bubbles, a little whistle, then tied up each bag with some ribbon, and a luggage label.
Now, each luggage label had Scrabble letters glued on! This one is "tiger", but others included "wow", "great", "cool" etc.

And, of course, some BUNTING! Which three weeks on, I havent taken down! It's so lush!