Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I've returned!

Hi everyone!

Well, it's been just a tad over a year since I last blogged! Naughty Viccy, heehee!

A lot has changed - we returned to the UK, and moved house to a beautiful larger home that is gorgeous....and the reason for the bigger house??? A new baby! Please welcome Tristan's gorgeous baby sister, Scarlett! Is that a good reason to be away for such a long time?

Dinner today was inspired by a few Facebook posts from dog spaghetti with a difference.

How cool is this? I will add that the photo above was lovingly "stolen" from Google Images as I forgot to charge my camera, but my Tristan loved it and really did gobble it all down. Can you work out how it's done! ;-)

What else has happened? Created a new business for myself. Well, I have the name - Jelly-Rose Enterprises, but still no idea what I'm doing! I'm still on maternity leave from work, so thats something me and hubby will need to chat about in the next few months.

The name "Jelly-Rose" comes from my two beautiful children. Tristan's nickname while still in my womb was Jellybean, and Scarlett's middle name is Rose. Fabulous!

Ciao xxx