Sunday, 29 May 2011

New Blogger Loves!

Hi everyone,

Today, I have discovered two new fabulous fashion & beauty-related YouTube Channels!

Fleur De Force
Fleur is a UK beauty journalist, and has some fantastic videos on both fashion and beauty!
My favourite two are her Outfits of the Day, and also her Shopping Haul videos where she shows us her recent finds in the shops!

And the other channel is Miss Glamorazzi from the USA
And, oddly enough, Fleur and Ingrid (Miss Glamorazzi) are best buddies! Which means we get the best of both British and American fashions!

They have even convinced me to purchase Crocs!!! Which is amazing! Check out the video here.
I shall check them out myself!

I have also purchased the new Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint Pens! And I am loving it! It's very similar to a felt-tip pen, and it temporarily stains your lips given you a very even lushious hint of colour! Because it isn't your traditional lipstick, there is no stickiness (so no hair getting stuck in your lip colour!), but it lasts for hours! Highly recommended!

My new beauty love are false eyelashes!!! I have been almost scared to try them before, but with help from a fabulous friend, they are now my evening must-have for flirty eyes! More in my next blog! Oh, and another recent discovery of mine are shine control papers!!!

Ciao xxx

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