Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Only Wednesday....

Hi everyone,

I thought everyone could do with a mid-week Wednesday laughter & caffeine boost, so here is Happy Coffee!

Not a lot has been happening here due to the extreme cold (minus thirteen when hubby walked to work this morning, brrr) and the inches of snow, so just focused on keeping my self and Mr T warm and cosy at our apartment. I've also rediscovered out Wii and the funky yet bizarre game that is Rabbids Go Home! Currently trying to finish the level by riding an inflatable tyre! (And just done another level where I had to ride a exploding jet engine!!).

Tristan is currently at the age where he copies everything - and shakes the TV remote control to mimic my actions with the Wii Remote! heehee. And he lies down on the rug with me, while I attempt sit-ups too!

Just been discussing some December trips with my fellow-yummy mummy! We might try and trek into Munich city centre to visit the German Christmas Markets, and also feed the (rein)deers at Poing Wildpark. Photos to follow!

Ciao for Now!

PS - The weekend reminded me just how AWFUL I am am wrapping presents. Oh's the thought that counts! heehee.

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