Friday, 26 November 2010

It's Friday (and it's snowing!)

Good morning everyone!

It's snowing here in Munich - is it snowing where you are? Let me know!

It's also Friday - yippee! The start to a snowy weekend! It's my hubby's birthday on Sunday so I better start thinking of a birthday meal for him! I know he adores BBQ chicken wings, so maybe a little buffet of wings, popcorn, hot dogs, and M&M's (for me, heehee). I'll probably have to sit through some "man" movie too, sigh. Lol.

I've also been told to bake a cake to take to his work on Monday! And a traditional Victoria Sponge has been requested! This will be my first attempt at a cake for a number of years, so I will have to update you guys while I bake, and of course, the final finishing photo!

Ciao for now! xxx

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