Sunday, 11 October 2015

Spooktober Day 11: We made Monsters with The Creation Station REVIEW


It's Day 11 of Spooktober, and Tristan and Scarlett were invited to a session with Sue from The Creation Station to get messy and make monsters at their Creative Saturday Session held in the conservatory of our local soft play centre, Jaq's Leisure.

Check out our photo diary of our family morning with the Creation Station!

What's in The Creation Station Treasure Chest? 
It's today's arts'n'craft projects! 

After getting all warmed up with a welcome song and some 
fun exercises, we opened the Treasure Chest and got started with project #1

We made lots of shapes on an unbleached coffee filter with coloured pens

You want the coffee filter as colourful and full-up with designs as possible

Then we drenched the filter using water pistols! 
Tristan enjoyed the aim and fire approach...

 ...and Scarlett preferred the intricate method of carefully dripping the water onto each place!  

While the filter is still wet, you flip it over onto white paper and voila! 
The ink makes a stunning watercolour circle: perfect for the base of a monster face

Tristan and Scarlett then dug into the giant bucket of paper, card and fabrics scraps to make the 
monster's eyes, ears, nose, hair and more!  Tristan has the fantastic idea of chopping a cotton swab in half to make monster ears that stick up (like Shrek)

Project #2 is growing monster hair (aka cress seeds!) in these decorated
cardboard cups with pipe-cleaner arms and googly eyes

As a mum, I love these cute orange overalls given to each child at the beginning of the session
No mess! Huzzah!  

Tristan and Scarlett adored the session: they were free to create and use their imagination, and they had so much fun using items and methods I wouldn't have ever thought of (like the water pistols! Genius!).

And me? I love the overalls for the kiddies (the younger ones get a cute all-in-one version!). The class was well structured yet there was flexibility, and Sue was amazing with all the children. She's great at encouraging them, helping them, and giving them ideas to grow their own creativity!

Sue runs The Creation Station sessions in and around the Frampton Cotterell area, including Yate, so find out more via her website and Facebook, and feel free to get in touch with her via email to find out more!


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