Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Favourite YouTubers

Hello everyone!

My name is Viccy, and I'm addicted to YouTube! I love watching videos, and I love creating videos, and today, I'm sharing with you, my favourite YouTubers!

Top of my list is, of course, my own channel, Viccy Vlogs: go check it out, and please subscribe! I've just got to the 100-subscriber milestone, so let's get to 200 together!

Gamer Channels
Markiplier As well as being addicted to YouTube, I'm also slightly addicted to Mr Markiplier himself
LD Shadow Lady She's just reached the 1M subscriber milestone! Well done Lizzie!
Stacy Plays I loved her during the UHC Minecraft series!

Cosplay / SFX 
Kat Sketch Such an amazingly creative talent! Her makeup transformations are magical
Super Mary Face A stunningly beautiful & humble cosplayer
Glam & Gore Between Mykie and Lex (below), you can't witness any better transformations with makeup and bodypaint
Made Yew Look Lex is THE authority on face and body transformations with body paint and makeup!
Ellimacs SFX Makeup For everything gory and bloody, check out Ellinor and Mac's videos!
Steam Faerie Another so so pretty cosplayer is Kota, aka Steam Faerie

Fleur de Force I love following Fleur's adventures, but it's her dachshund Piglet that often steals the show!
Fun for Louis A fantastic daily vlog showing Louis' travels around the world
Casey Neistat Wanna see daily vlogs from New York City (and cute baby Francine)? Check out Casey's channel
Adam the Woo Such a random channel where Adam visits abandoned and creepy places!

Random / Misc
Graveyard Girl I adore watching the randomness of Bunny aka Graveyard Girl, especially her "Does this thing really work?"....*sippy sippy*
Sprinkle of Glitter It's great to see a fellow plus-size mum on YouTube! The curvacious Louise is fab-u-lous!
BuzzFeed For all weirdest facts you never thought you wanted to know!
Being Mommy with Style Another mommy channel, and although I'm not in the US, I adore her grocery haul videos
Do It On A Dime For everything frugal, check out Kathryn's YouTube channel and her blog
CoasterForce Before I had Tristan and Scarlett, I was a huge rollercoaster fan, and this channel means I can get on a coaster without leaving my house!
Ashens I love watching (and gagging) while Stuart (aka Ashens) eats out-of-date food. It's not funny...it's hilarious!
Tessa Netting A fellow Potterhead and geek!

Bart Baker A great channel for listening to parody versions of all the latest songs (I love his Wrecking Ball video)
Tobuscus His Minecraft songs are unforgettable. I think I can recite "Mine the Diamond" karaoke-style!
Shane Dawson His comedy sketches and parodies are hilarious
Emma Blackery I love watching her random videos: a lovely mixture of comedy skits which reflect her thoughts and experiences
Swoozie Adande's animation shorts are funny, especially his "Confessions of a Disney Employee" series
Domics I only discovered Dom earlier this month, but his animated comics are sooo watchable!
Cyanide & Happiness More hilarious animated shorts!

I think most of you will recognise most of the YouTubers above, so here's a shout out to all the little (but growing!) YouTubers, just like me!

Sarah Clegg AKA my blogging BFF!
Hannah Wood One of my blogging buddies!
Jingaloo Check out their Brush your Teeth video...can you spot my Tristan and Scarlett?
Rachel Lote Another one of my blogging buddies!
The Andrew Ford Channel his logical nursery rhymes are hilarious!

Do you have a YouTube channel? Comment below with the link as I'd love to check it out!
I'll also love to hear about other YouTube channels I may be missing out on!



  1. I have a Youtube channel but its really rubbish atm haha! I love Emma Blackery, Bart Baker and Do It On A Dime! Great choices :)

  2. I watch a few of these Youtubes, I love watching Fun for Louis & Sprinkle of Glitter. They're both in my top 10 must watch.