Friday, 14 August 2015

30 Things I've Learnt in 30 Years

Happy Friday friends,

Well, the big day is almost upon me. Tomorrow, I proceed into the next decade of my life. Yes, I turn 30!

To celebrate, I thought I would reflect on what I have learnt over the past 30 years: let's get started!

1) If you don't ask, you don't get

2) I'm a big believer in it's who you know, not what you know

3) 'Not my circus, not my monkeys' is a great mantra in my life

4) It's more important to have a few very close friends that you can genuinely rely in, instead of a huge posse who barely know you exist

5)  Eyebrows are very important at framing your face

6) Do not be normal: be you!

7) It's not just the destination, it's the journey

8) Never wear polyester (bleugh!)

9) Always wear clothes that fit you...ignore the sizing labels

10) Invest in a decent mattress and cotton bed linen

11) It's okay not to wear matching undies!

12) It really is the thought that counts

13) Telling someone you love them if more than just saying those three little words. It's a hot cup of coffee on the bedside table to wake up too

14) It's okay to be emotional. Don't swallow it down, just express yourself

15) Family time isn't about spending £100+ on admission prices. It's building sandcastles and flying kites on the beach

16) Take lots of photos (they're great memories!) but don't forget to print and display them for all to see

17) A chocolate covered Hobnob is THE best biscuit ever

18) Always be on time

19) It's okay not to forgive and forget. Serious offenders in your life need to be removed

20) Facebook friend culls are empowering! Cut the negativity.

21) Never neglect "me-time"

22) Dream far & wide (mmm, Markiplier)

23) Don't be scared to be you. Wanna dye your hair pink? Just do it!

24) Help strangers. Motivate friends

25) Smile when out'n'about. Smiles are wonderfully contagious

26) Don't do things to please other people. Please yourself!

27) There is only one you. Be unique. Be you.

28) Social anxiety is a pain the butt. Surround yourself with understanding and supportive friends

29) Be happy, and....

30) Be fabulous

So...what's your favourite biscuit ever? :D



  1. Awh your fringe though. ..!

    Most of these I think too! Let's hope it's a nice day for our birthdays tomorrow x

  2. custard creams here dipped in tea mmmmmm