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The Amazing Human Body Detectives Book REVIEW

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Apologies that I've been absent here on the blog for almost two weeks: we've been busy celebrating our 8th Wedding Anniversary, Tristan's 6th birthday, the last week of school & nursery, and now the start of the summer holidays! If you start to miss our antics, you can always find us over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Go, go, go! 

This weekend, Tristan has been learning all about the human body with this book from Pavilion Books "The Amazing Human Body Detectives" illustrated by Maggie Li, the Art Director or Okido Magazine and author/illustrator of Bug Detective and Big City Explorer! 

What is skin made of? Do you know what makes your poo smell? Ever wondered what's inside a bogie? 

The first thing that makes this book special, is the little magnifying glass that's located on the front cover, and of course Tristan loved using it to act the detective. And the second? The stunning illustrations that are informative yet child-friendly.

Tristan loved showing Scarlett all the pictures and reading all the fun facts to her! This really is a delightful, fun and educational book that they both loved. And teamed with the fun of finding every fact, picture and details with the magnifying glass, they learnt all about the human body in a casual manner.

This book is full of fun facts that a 5+ year old can read. There were some words that Tristan needed help both reading and defining, including 'nutrients', 'oxygen', and 'fracture', so it was a great opportunity to practice phonics and learn new words!

My only negative is there is no where to store the magnifying glass after reading as the indentation on the front cover doesn't hold it in place. I think a little paper pouch stuck in the inside front cover would be a perfect solution!

One of the more amusing facts that made both Tristan and Scarlett giggle! 

This is a great book for children: with children of Tristan's age they can read & learn with an adult, while older children will enjoy exploring independently. With an RRP of £9.99, this is a great book for Tristan to learn and explore for several years, before passing it to his little sister Scarlett to explore.

You can find this book online from Pavilion Books or your local bookshop.

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