Friday, 8 May 2015

Rosetta Stone: Viccy learns Japanese! REVIEW

Happy Friday friends!

Do any of you speak a second language? For the past few months, I've been learning Japanese thanks to Rosetta Stone! I could have chosen any language: Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, German and many more...but with my love for anime and wanting to visit Tokyo, it had to be Japanese. The full list of languages offered by Rosetta Stone is HERE.

Setting up the online course was simple, and all I had to purchase in addition was a headset with microphone to get started!

Check me out with my new headset ready to start my online Japanese language lesson

Unlike language lessons at school where you 'parrot' what the teacher says, the Rosetta Stone method is immersive from the first lesson. I struggled to learn languages at school, yet when I visited Spain on holiday in my late teens, I picked up the language quickly. Why? Because I was mingling with the locals!

And this immersion learning is the main principle with Rosetta Stone. You aren't strictly taught, you are simply asked to match up words with pictures, and you learn as you go along, and of course, learning from your mistakes. It's a very natural progression, learning words and sounds, then working up to short sentences.

As you progress, you'll use your microphone and their speech recognition programme to pronounce the words you've been learning. It will even tell you how well you pronounced it, and if you get it a bit wrong, it gives you the opportunity to try again.

I was genuinely surprised how much I learned in a small amount of time, and all without realising it! This is a great intuitive way to learn a new language. It's a simple point'n'click format with a dash of speech recognition. You are told after each lesson how well you did, giving you the chance to redo certain elements if you fall below par.

Using Rosetta Stone is a fun and interactive way to learn a new language: no books, no competing with fellow students in a classroom setting, the opportunity to chat with native speakers online, and Customer Success agents to help motivate and inspire you!

The only downside for me (which is a personal issue, not one from Rosetta Stone) is that trying to squeeze in an online course into my weekly routine, with two young children, and a part-time job, was a struggle. Making sure you schedule time into your diary is crucial. The more you use Rosetta Stone, the more quickly you will learn the language! The lesson here is if you enroll with Rosetta Stone, you do need to commit: it's not going to do it for you.

As with all techy-products, here are the technical requirements
1) You will need a PC or Mac, with broadband internet access, and a USB headset with microphone
2)  Double check the system requirements HERE

Thank you Rosetta Stone for this amazing opportunity! I would highly recommend this online language course to anyone seriously interested in learning a new language: it's a simple way to master and explore a second language.

Which language would you love to learn?

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  1. I've heard before that Rosetta Stone is agood for learning languages. I think you've hit the nail on the head though, it's finding the time to fit it in.

  2. I used to be able to speak fluent German and would love to be able to relearn it! Sounds like a great course!