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Three Exciting New Titles from Little Tiger Press REVIEW

Happy Tuesday friends,

As you all know, Family Howe love books & reading, and we are very lucky to work with Little Tiger Press with reviewing their children's titles.

This time, we have three books to show you!

Knightmare: Foul Play!
By Peter Bently
Aimed at 5-8 year olds

Although Tristan is 5 years old (6 in July) he is a little behind with his reading skill, so I helped him read this paperback book from Roald Dahl Funny Prize Winning Author, Peter Bently.

Cedric Thatchbottom (what is it with boys and the word "bottom"?! Tristan was rolling around laughing everytime) is a knight in training serving with Sir Percival the Proud, but the experience is not what Cedric was expecting at all....in fact, it's a knightmare! Cedric's quest from Sir Percival is to gather players for the May Fair football tournament.

Tristan loved the story, and found the illustrations hilarious (especially on page 97 which coincidentally also involves the word "bottom"!).


My Favourite Nursery Rhymes
Illustrated by Sanja Reseck & Hannah Wood
Aimed at 1-3 year olds

This is an adorable board-book containing lots of Scarlett's favourite nursery rhymes including "Jack & Jill", "Pat-a-Cake" and "The Wheels on the Bus". The illustrations are really sweet and brightly coloured. The pages are sturdy, and the cover is slightly padded.

This is a lovely book and Scarlett likes it to be displayed prominently in our bookcase.


What's the Time, Clockodile?
By Jonathan Litton, and illustrated by Fhiona Galloway
Aimed at 3-5 year olds

Tristan is very good with the basics of telling the time, but could do with refining the more difficult times, and of course, this will be a great book to help teach Scarlett the basics when she's ready to learn.

The clock is a great resource as it click-clacks as you move both hands, and the hands stay in place when you set the time. It also has a lovely interactive story for Tristan and Scarlett to read, where we follow Clockodile and Little Bear's day.

A great feature, for slightly older children, is the addition of Robbie Robot who teaches the digital equivalent at the bottom of each page.

Tristan and Scarlett love all three books, with the Clockodile book being the current favourite for their bedtime story. As with all the other Little Tiger Books we have reviewed, they are amazing quality, and it's the little details like the padded cover on the nursery rhyme book, and the gently embossed illustration on the Knightmare front cover that exude excellence.

The nursery rhyme book has a 'sister' title: 'My Favourite Bedtime Rhymes', and together these would make an excellent birthday present for a first birthday, as these books are classics for every young child's home library.

Thank you Little Tiger Press for this opportunity! You can find Little Tiger Press at their website, Facebook and Twitter.

* I was not paid for this article. I was asked for my genuine personal opinion on their products to be published on my blog*
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