Sunday, 1 February 2015

Min's Move: A story for families moving abroad REVIEW

Happy Sunday friends,

Over the past few weeks, we've been enjoying a new book at bedtime: Min's Move.

Min's Move has been developed with child psychologists and illustrators to give both children and their parents an easy way to tackle the difficult and emotional issues surrounding a big family move.

As many of you know, Lee and I moved (temporarily) to Germany back in 2008, and moved back to the UK, with an 18-month old Tristan, in 2011. During those three years in Munich, we made lots of German and international friends, and even today speak to many online, so when I heard this book was available, I was very interested. When we moved, I felt there wasn't enough help, support or even information to assist usm, so it's great to see MoveHub and their book, Min's Move.

The story was easy to follow, and you could see the narrative really helped pique Min and Max's curiosity of their impending new home: Hong Kong, China. As their mum prepares them, they discuss dragons, pandas, dragon fruit, and even look on a map to see where they are heading. The book also discusses Min's inner thoughts, like worrying she'll have no friends as she's not Chinese.

Near the end, we get a glimpse of how Min and her family have settled into their new home: Min has a best friend, and Min's mum is learning to make wonton noodles.

At the very end of the book, is the questions section. The psychologists that worked on Min's Move have come up with a selection of questions to ask your child after reading the book to ensure they have understood the story, and how they can relate.

The story is wonderful, and would be amazingly helpful for families about to move abroad, or maybe even if moving back home if the children were born and raised in foreign country.

Thank you Movehub for allowing us to read and review Min's Move! MoveHub helps you to make an informed decision about wherever you want to move to and their website lets you know where the most popular destinations for expats are, and why.

You can purchase Min's Move online at Movehub (for £14.99, as of January 2015).

You can find MoveHub online and on Facebook.

If anyone is moving to Munich, Germany, check out Facebook group "Parents in Munich". It's an amazing support group and online community that I helped create back when I lived in Bavaria.

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