Sunday, 8 February 2015

Harry Potter Book Night 2015

Happy Sunday friends,

Last Thursday was the first ever Harry Potter Book Night, hosted by Bloombsbury, and being a massive Potterhead, I joined in with the fun! I love dabbling in casual cosplay, so I bought myself some rigid collodion (scarring liquid) to create the famous lightning bolt scar on my forehead, plus a pair of extra round glasses to mimic those Harry wears. Add on some green eyeshadow and my Slytherin scarf, and voila, I'm "Harriet Potter from Slytherin House", heehee.

Those who follow me on Instagram and Twitter will have already spotted a few fun photos, but here are a few more. Tristan and Scarlett adore watching the films on telly, so I read them the first chapter from "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". Oh, I can't wait to see them read the whole collection!

Now, all this dabbling in the Harry Potter Universe has made me crave the delights of Pottermore!

What house did the Sorting House place you? I'm a Slytherin!



  1. I have never read the books but I really wish I did, love the films though and kinda want to go to the studios! :)

    meimei xx

  2. I've just started collecting the new publications of the Harry Potter books with the awesome illustrations! I shall read all 7 this year!
    <3 Jon

  3. Gryffindor all the way!! :D i need to get the books never read them yet im obsessed with the films and really wanna do the london tour!! :D