Friday, 7 November 2014

October in Photos

Hello everybody,

Today, I thought I'd do a little random post and show you all some photos from the month of October that I found on my phone. Enjoy!

(Please excuse the quality of the photos. My phone is no match to my Panasonic bridge camera)

A yummy lunch made by husband Lee...with a secret message! 

An easy Halloween treat
Chocolate mousse pots, topped with crushed chocolate biscuits, and a biscuit gravestone 

A family trip to the park to feed the ducks

 I met TV's Tom Herbert from Fabulous Baker Brothers

Scarlett and Tristan enjoying the tea cup ride during the half-term school holidays 

Tristan posing with his Halloween ghost handprints 

Tristan grew a pumpkin at Grampy's was delicious! 
My homemade roasted pumpkin soup recipe coming soon to the blog

A cottage loaf I made during my visit to Hobbs House Bakery

Funny face #Selfie with Scarlett! 

My delicious Halloween Mummy Cupcakes

Now, a big cheer and say Hello to my "Hello November" blog post

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