Monday, 20 October 2014

Primula Kids Blogger Challenge!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our little family lifestyle blog

Family Howe were asked to take part in the Primula Kids Blogger Challenge! Primula want us to use their Primula Kids Cheese in a range of recipes, and share them with you all.

I love the original Primula cheese, and it's fantastic that they have brought out a kid friendly version which has reduced salt and added calcium.

We first enjoyed Primula Kids at lunchtime, where I gave Scarlett a little platter of goodies, including crackers, peppers, salami and cucumber. Scarlett loved squeezing out the cheese, making mini sandwiches, topped crackers, and even dunking her peppers into a cheese dip.

We also enjoyed our Primula over the weekend as it makes an amazing cheese sauce! Just add a tube of Primula Kids to a saucepan, with a dash of milk, then warm up slowly until piping hot, and enjoy over freshly boiled pasta! Delicious and so easy.

There are lots of recipes that use Primula, check them out HERE. You can even make a sweet cake frosting from Primula, which is next on my to make list!

You can find Primula online, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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