Sunday, 19 October 2014

My tour of Hobbs House Bakery, with TV's Tom Herbert

Happy Sunday everyone,

I was delighted to be invited to Hobbs House Bakery in Chipping Sodbury to tour their bakery site, learn about their wonderful range of products, have fun shaping bread dough, followed by lunch at their quaint high street cafe, all hosted by Fabulous Baker Brother, Tom Herbert.

I was joined by five others, including 99 year old local Charles, and editor of local magazine, The Boundary, Angie.

Here is my photo diary of the day's fun!

We started our tour by donning some very attractive overcoats and hair nets, 
then made our way to the bakery, led by Tom

A stand-mixer big enough to take a bath in!  

Tom is truly passionate about baking, and was thrilled to share several stories 
with us all, including that he won Young Baker of the Year, and that he aims
 to "do for bread, what Rick Stein has done for fish"

We were then joined by Hobbs House baker Adam, and we were taught a few 
basic ways to shape dough, including bloomer, cob, cottage and even the wheatsheaf!  

It was time to get our hands dirty (after a thorough wash of course) and give it a go ourselves!  

After getting to grips with basic shapes, as a team, we created this fine wheatsheaf ready for baking! 

A quick selfie with Tom during our Q&A at their cafe on the Chipping Sodbury high street

After proving and baking in the Hobbs House bakery ovens, here
is the mountain of bread we hand created!  

We each took home a selection of the bread we made to enjoy with our families

Here is my Scarlett gobbling up a generous slice of my cottage loaf...

...and again! 

You can find Hobbs House Bakery in four Cotswold locations (Chipping Sodbury, Cirencester, Nailsworth and Tetbury), but you can also find their products at many pubs, restaurants, farm shops, even the new M5 motorway services at Gloucester, Boston Tea Party cafes, and Harrods! Find out more on the Hobbs House website, FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Hobbs House also run Cookery Classes from their Chipping Sodbury location. Classes include bread making, cake making, and butchery. Find out more about their cookery school here

A big thank you for the team at Hobbs House Bakery for inviting me to this amazing exclusive event! 


  1. Oh my word at the size of those mixers! That looks like a really interesting visit.

  2. Wowee what a lot of fun that day would have been! I would love to give something like that a try #ukbloggers

  3. What an awesome experience. I always love watching how it's made videos so I expect actually being there would be really amazing.

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  8. Oh my how fun was this tour. Plus yummy bread at the end. Your little one looks like me when i eat bread all in.

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  10. Looks like a great experience. Homemade bread with a slice of cheese is heaven to me. :)

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