Monday, 8 September 2014

Sicky Scarlett

Hi everyone,

We have not had a very good Monday. As we were about to walk Tristan to school, Little Miss Scarlett vomited all over my driveway! Argh! All in front of Jess, aka Owl Crazy Mummy, as Tristan & James now go to the same school and we're walking the boys together.

Here she is all naked and wrapped up in a blanket, with the obligatory sick bowl

As it was James' first day at school in reception year, I had to take a few photos of the boys posing together. Tristan started Year 1 last Tuesday - although looking at their size difference, you would have thought James was older! 

Scarlett did survive walking the brief journey to school and back, but her poorly belly attacked again as Jess and I were having a post-school drop-off chat on my sofa with a sleepy Evie! Bleugh, bleugh, bleugh! 

After several changes of clothes, I decided to leave Scarlett naked, and here she is chilling on our decking with a slice of plain toast.....

...which was promptly vomited up about an hour later. Sigh. Poor little mite. 

I'm making sure Scarlett is sipping water laced with re-hydration powder, and giving her tiny nibbles like toast (there is nothing worse than trying to vomit with an empty stomach). Of course. we're all being very careful with washing our hands, and I'll be getting the anti-bac spray later and spraying door handles etc to try and stop the spread of germs. 

What are your tips when your children are ill?

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