Friday, 5 September 2014

NSPCC’s Big Packed Lunch

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You may recall my previous blog post on the NSPCC Underwear Rule campaign back in summer 2013, with part two being published in January 2014. The lovely team at the NSPCC have asked me again to help spread the word of their latest campaign: the NSPCC Big Packed Lunch! 

The NSPCC Big Packed lunch is a nationwide fundraising event where people will join together on Wednesday, 17th September to help fund the charity's ChildLine Schools Service. 

Instead of the usual soggy sandwiches, the NSPCC are asking you to enjoy a leisurely lunch with friends, family or colleagues, transforming their ordinary lunchtime routine into something memorable. 

The idea is simple: invite your guests, make sure they all bring delicious food to share, make a donation to the NSPCC and enjoy! 

Amie Ibrahimi-Brown, the NSPCC Head of Supporter Experience said "It's a really simple idea - we want people to get together, roll out their picnic blanket for a special lunch with a difference and donate the money they would have spent on a dreary shop-bought sandwich to the NSPCC. We hope lots of local people will take part on 17 September, but if anyone wants to stage a Big Packed Lunch on another day, that's fine too!"

Here are some top tips on a successful Big Packed Lunch

1. Take inspiration from across the globe!
Family Howe's favourites include Spanish potato tortilla, Italian inspired pesta pasta, Israel's falafel, Japanese sushi and German sausages.

2. Ditch dining "al desko"
Go on, get outside into the fresh air! Take a picnic blanket or simply sit on a park bench.

3. Keep it colourful
Ensure your lunch contains all the colours of the rainbow! Red cherry tomatoes, yellow bananas, orange carrot sticks, green grapes and blue blueberries

4. Pack snack pots
Keep it interesting with lots of little nibbles such as edamame beans, trail mix, popcorn, hummous,

5. Spice up your sarnies
Don't be boring with a plain cheese sarnie - make it fun. Have a mozzerella, tomato and basil ciabatta, or egg mayonnaise baguette, pulled pork bap, or a yummy turkey slice and stuffing sandwich!

All the money that is raised through the Big Packed Lunch will help fund the NSPCC's pioneering ChildLine Schools Service, which puts trained volunteers into every primary school across the UK once every two years to deliver age-appropriate workshops and assemblies to 9-11 year olds to educate them about abuse, how to protect themselves and where to get help if they need it.

You can request a fundraising pack via the NSPCC website HERE, and it includes promotional materials, hints & tips for staging an event.

The NSPCC would love to see your photos too, so tweet your pictures to their Twitter with the hashtag #BigPackedLunch

If you are looking for inspiration, here are some of my recipes!

(keep warm by storing in a flask) 

Let me know if you will be hosting a Big Packed Lunch, and I'd love to see your photos! 

Ciao xxx

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