Monday, 11 August 2014

Scarlett's Potty Training Journey: Part One

Wish us luck everyone, with the help of Dry Like Me potty training pads and Potty Training Live 2014, we are attempting to potty train Scarlett!

It was just past his third birthday when Tristan was potty trained all within a week. But this was after several failed attempts since his second birthday. In Tristan's case, I guess the old saying "start potty training only when they're ready" is true.

But, they say girls are easier to train and ready at an earlier age. Scarlett's second birthday was 5 months ago, so let's give it a go! We have two potties ready to use: one upstairs in the family bathroom, and the other downstairs in a corner of our office. That way, hopefully, there will always be a potty to hand when needed.

With the summer holidays now upon us (although with very little sunny weather), we first tested the waters with pull-up nappies to see how Scarlett reacted. She was quite uninterested about it all, but we scored a few poo-poos in the potty but no wee-wees. Scarlett was very resistant to the idea of weeing in the potty, and when she did have an accident (a few times after having a bath) she got very upset.

We made the potty area into an enjoyable yet relaxing 
personal space for Scarlett with books at arms-length

I think using the pull-ups are too similar to nappies. In Scarlett's eyes, they are just step-in nappies, with no consequences if not using the potty. We therefore decided to treat Scarlett to new pants, but not just any pants: Peppa Pig pants selected by Scarlett herself! This way we can use the Dry Like Me training pads, and continue on with the next stage.

Part two will be coming up soon, where we'll be using Dry Like Me training pads!

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