Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I was thoughtfully awarded the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by my lovely blogging friend Charlotte Steggz - thank you so much Charlotte for thinking about my little blog!

Here are the rules

* Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you
* List the rules and display the award
* Share seven facts about yourself
* Nominate 15 other amazing blogs (and remember to comment on their blogs to let them know you have nominated them, and link to your post)
* Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger than nominated you

Here are my seven facts about myself

* My middle name is Louise
* I was a 07/07/07 bride
* Hubby and I lived in Munich, Germany between 2008 and 2011 (but I speak awful German)
* I don't have any tattoos but I secretly (or not so secretly now!) want a My Little Pony (80's model) on my lower back, and a cute little bow on the back of my neck near the hairline
* My favourite food is a thin-crust cheese pizza, which I always eat with a knife and fork
* I received an A* grade for my Office Applications GCSE class
* I am a proud Potterhead and Slytherin

And I nominate the following blogs for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award (not 15, but these are my top 9 blogs I always read and love)

* Sarah from Super Sarah World. She found me when I first started this blog, discovered we knew someone in common (hello Jay!), and have barely stopped chatting since. Thank you Sarah for inspiring me to keep going, and allowing me to join you on our blogging journey
* Jess from Owl Crazy Mummy. A dear friend in real life before becoming a blogger, she was inspired by my blog to create her own. Together, we help each other with the highs and lows of blogging
* Kylie from Not Even a Bag of Sugar. An online friend I have not yet met! But I loved the rawness and emotion in her blog posts about her handsome boy Joseph, and their family journey as he arrived very early at only 27 weeks gestation
* Stacey from Nobody Said It Was Easy. Another online friend, we "met" on the forums of Confetti when we were both planning our weddings. Another emotional blog about her journey with PCOS, fertility issues, but ending with two gorgeous boys, Jacob and Noah
* Rachel from CandyFloss Beauty. A very new friend, but I've been enjoying her blog posts, but also her amazing YouTube videos too
* Tina from Trials & Tribulations of a Brummie Mummy. Always well-written blog posts, but great to read about her family life to help inspire my own
* Charlotte from The Mummy Blogger / What Lottie Loves. Charlotte's blog is always so beautifully and professionally presented, and it's where I would love to be at in a year or two with my own blog
* Violet from Violet LeBeaux. I first discovered Violet via her YouTube channel many moons ago, and I adore her blog. She's the cutest, quirkiest and pinkest blogger/vlogger, and I adore her truly girly style.
 * Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter. Another YouTuber I've been watching for ages, but Louise is a mummy of 3yo Darcy. I find her so appealing and welcoming, and she's a curvy blonde mum just like me

Thank you again to Charlotte for this tag!

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