Friday, 18 July 2014

Squiggle 'n' Jiggle Party in a Box REVIEW

Howdy everyone, and welcome back to my family lifestyle blog! Today, I'm sharing more photo's from Tristan's 5th birthday party as we were very privileged to be offered a Party in a Box to review from Cheltenham-based company Squiggle 'n' Jiggle.

The Party in a Box is exactly that - it contains games and arts'n'crafts for your children's party and is custom built to your requirements. Tristan asked for a dinosaur party, and we planned on inviting 7 of his classmates to our home to celebrate his birthday.

When the box arrived (via courier), I delved in and was really pleased to see that everything was included. Bottles of glue, glue sticks, glitter, tissue paper, templates, cardstock, laminated instructions and even samples of what the end products will look like. We also received games, including a dinosaur-style tug-of-war game (blue rope and a large piece of orange fabric as hot lava), a dinosaur model for hide'n'seek, and a colour-in dinosaur book.

Here is what we received in our Party in a Box

Decorate a Dinosaur Egg
8 blank polystyrene eggs
Glue & glue sticks
Tissue paper
Colouring pens
(I used a green salad bowl with yellow shredded paper to make a nest, with an inflatable dinosaur from Tristan's toy box to act as Mummy Dinosaur)

8 black card
Several sheets of brown paper (varying colours)
Yellow and orange tissue paper
Glue & glue sticks
Colouring pens

8 green-painted paper plates with a template on the reverse
Googly eyes
Colouring pens
(Just needed to use the safety scissors from Tristan's craft box)

Here is everything beautifully presented before the party

And here are the "action" shots from the party (and after-party as Tristan's cousins came to visit)

I was a little worried about keeping eight boys (and Scarlett) entertained at my home for two hours, but having the Party in a Box was a massive help. It kept the boys happy and occupied, and it gave the party structure. It was great to alternate between free-play in the garden (and bouncy castle) with the numerous activities in Party in a Box: add in a food & drink break, present opening and singing "Happy Birthday", two hours zipped by!

All the children were extremely proud of what they created during the party, and were all keen to show-off their finished projects to their parents at the end of the event. The parents were impressed when I told them what we got up to, and many were very keen to find out more about Party in a Box!

You can find more about Squiggle 'n' Jiggle at their website, and HERE is their Party in a Box service. They are also on Facebook.

Thank you Rachael for this opportunity - as you can see from the above photos, all the kiddiwinks loved the games and craft projects, and all the mums were very impressed by this time-saving and inspirational way of hosting at-home parties.

* I was not paid for this article. I was asked for my genuine personal opinion on their products to be published on my blog. As a thank you, I was allowed to keep the products*
* If you would like me to review your product or service, please email me on to discuss*

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