Friday, 13 June 2014

Little Reader's Day Out

Little Reader's Day Out: a free family event for families

The Little Reader's Day Out is a free event aimed at helping parents to get the most out of reading books with their babies and toddlers. On Saturday, 28th June, in the At-Bristol science museum, parents will have the opportunity to take part in storytelling and rhyme time sessions with their little ones, and to speak to reading experts about their child's reading journey. 

There is something for everyone! From parents who are yet to start reading to their baby, to those who already read frequently. This is also a great opportunity to join the baby book club and review the best new books for babies and toddlers. 

As well as story telling sessions and rhyme time, there will be crafts & colouring, face-painting, competitions & give-aways, guest appearances by well-known book characters, and a picture opportunity with Steam Dog Gromit! 

The day promises to be a fabulous free event, and a great day out for all families with pre-school children. 

Tristan and Scarlett enjoy reading, and their collection of children's books has grown with them. We've also had some amazing opportunities to review books for this blog: do you remember these photos?

There is nothing better than all four of us squishing together on the sofa in our jammies, reading a bed-time story together! Tristan is excelling at reading now (for his age), and it's a great opportunity to let him have a go at reading more, and Scarlett just sucks up all the knowledge. 

Family Howe's Tip for Reading! 
* Start an at-home library. We started off ours at Tristan's naming ceremony when he was 6-months old as we asked our friends and family to give him books as presents. 
* Go on trips to your local library - it's free! 
* Make sure bed-time stories are fun, snuggly and interactive

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