Saturday, 28 June 2014

Little Readers Day Out, with Peppa Pig and Steam Dog Gromit

Hi everyone, and welcome back to my little family blog! As mentioned earlier this month (this blog post), we were invited to the Little Readers Day Out today. After Tristan had his swimming lesson this morning, we piled into the car, and headed into Bristol city-centre for a day of family fun.

The event was at AtBristol, an interactive science museum, in the conference/event hall at the top of the building. After being welcomed and given our goody bag, we headed off to see Steam Dog Gromit by following his footprints.

They had loads of various children's activities available, including colouring-in and face painting. Tristan went with a Spiderman face.

They had story-telling by authors, including Michelle Robinson (Goodnight Digger), Jan Dobbins (Driving my Tractor) and Paul Stickland (Dinosaur Roar!). And we even met Peppa Pig!

This amazing event was hosted by Routes to Reading. Do check out their website and Facebook page. Their motto is to "Help parents to prepare their children to learn to read by instilling a love of books".  Tristan and Scarlett have quite a collection of books, and they really enjoy nightly bedtime reading. I've always encouraged them both to read (or "read" the pictures), and it's also great for family snuggle time. Tristan's favourite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar - he adores the illustrations, the food, the story, and of course, the end transformation into a beautiful butterfly.

Thank you for inviting us, but also for our goody bag full of books, posters, stickers bookmarks for the children (and chocolates for me!). Scarlett loves her bear ears for "We're going on a bear hunt" book. 


  1. this looks like a fab day out, libraries have a summer reading challenge in over the holidays too where kids can collect stickers and join in with activities and read 6 books.

  2. Aww my little niece would love this, she is crazy for Pepper Pig. It's such a good idea to get kids engaged in reading!

    Gems x