Thursday, 6 March 2014

Scarlett's 2nd Birthday Party

Here are a few photos of our Minnie Mouse inspired party we had last weekend to celebrate Scarlett turning two years old!

The Birthday Cake and Cupcakes!

I handmade these for the first time ever! I made three basic chocolate sponges and vanilla buttercream for the three layered cake, then topped off with chocolate fudge icing, Malteasers and M&Ms! And the cupcakes are basic vanilla sponge!

The Outfit!

I handmade Scarlett's red tutu using a surplus red crochet-style headband (yes, really! They stretch perfectly around the waist too), then purchased some red tulle from Amazon UK. After cutting approx 40cm lengths of tulle, I doubled it up, then slip-knotted them through the holes in the head/waist band - so easy, and I will be giving it a go again soon and I'll take photos of the tutorial too!

If you want to the tutorial right now (lol) - I found this guide via Google that was helpful. There are also lots of tutorial videos via YouTube too.

I paired her tutu with a red basic top I thrifted a few months back, and a red bow alice band which was 97p from the local pound shop!

Tristan is wearing his nice jeans, and a cute purple tee, with Mickey Mouse ears I purchased on Amazon UK.

All of Scarlett's little friends turned up, and we had a lovely buffet and played pass-the-parcel. We even had a bouncy castle in the garden which all the children loved! 

Coming soon: Scarlett's day of fun on her actual birthday! 

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  1. Love the look of the cakes I bet they were delicious, scarlett looks lovely in her little top and tutu.