Sunday, 19 January 2014

Nom Nom Kids Reusable Food Pouch REVIEW

Today, it's the turn of Little Miss Scarlett to review a product for our family blog! Scarlett was given three reusable food pouches from Nom Nom Kids!

Scarlett loves the colourful animal design on the pouch, especially the hidden lion! Roar!

Unlike her big brother, Scarlett loves scoffing down fruit, especially in easy puree/smoothie form, so these pouches worked great!

Each pouch holds roughly 120ml, which is one yogurt pot, or one fruit puree pot. And is the perfect size for an on-the-go snack.

If taking more than one pouch on the go, you can use the little Monkey tab on the back to indicate whose pouch this is and what it contains. Great for nursery/pre-school/playgroup too (just remember to tell the staff they are reusable!).

I've used two fillings so far. A standard fruit puree pot (which fitted perfectly!), and a blend of yogurt and banana. Both were scoffed easily by Scarlett!

These pouches are much more convenient for on-the-go as once finished or even half-eaten, you just pop the lid back on, and all done! And there is very little mess!

I love them because they are dishwasher safe! I just quickly rinsed it in the sink (ensuring the spout is clean), then placed it open over 3 "spikes", and it cleaned perfectly.

Overall these are great, and I wish I had known about them months ago when Scarlett started on solids! Thank you Nom Nom Kids.

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* I was not paid for this article. I was asked for my genuine personal opinion on their products to be published on my blog. As a thank you, I was allowed to keep the products*
* If you would like me to review your product or service, please email me on to discuss*

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