Friday, 20 December 2013 Constructive Eating Set REVIEW

Tristan had the opportunity to test out a fun set of children's cutlery - the Constructive Eating set from! And being a typical 4 year old boy, he loves them! And I like them too because they are dishwasher safe!

The packaging is simple - just pull apart the plastic to reveal the cutlery, and after a quick wash & clean, they are ready for their first use.

It's a three piece set: a fork, a spoon and a "bulldozer" to push the food onto the fork or spoon!

The black sections are rubberised to help with grip, but also means it's harder to accidentally knock them off the table.

Here is Tristan happy and ready to use his new cutlery with tonight's dinner! Nom nom nom.

Although they look like a novelty, they work perfectly, and even encourages Tristan to eat his dinner fully & properly! Bonus points there.

This Constructive Eating set comes from

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