Monday, 30 December 2013

Decorating a Gingerbread House

For the past few years, it has become tradition for our little family to make & decorate a Gingerbread House every Christmas Eve! Here is our 2013 attempt! Enjoy! 

We bought this kit from Lidl 

The kit included these three cute sugar figurines.....

....and the bagged sweets on the top left
And I purchased Haribo and white chocolate jazzies

The night before Christmas Eve, Lee and I put together the house so the icing dries hard overnight before the children decorate

On Christmas Eve the fun begins and the children decorate the house with sweets and writing icing! 

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  1. Lovely x We did one also, we got it from John Lewis, we put the house together using the icing, but the kids went a bit crazy and we ran out of icing, so I had to pop to Tesco to buy some more icing so the kids could finish decorating it. lol