Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge Week Two

See our week one here!

Week two is here and we did challenge number 3: Have lunch in your own mini mardi gras!

A little initial hesitation from Scarlett.....she didn't want her photo taken, she wanted her lunch! 

Using the Mission Deli wraps as a base for our meal, I created an indoor picnic inspired by mardi gras. Both Tristan and Scarlett dressed in fun colourful clothes. 

I used a bright red blanket to lay all the yummy food on, and decorated the wall with simple pink and blue tissue-paper flowers! I even dug into my jewellery box and found colourful beaded necklaces too.

We enjoyed yummy filled wraps. I placed all our food into colourful containers so it can all be enjoyed DIY-style. Ham, salami, cheese and tomatoes, plus carrot sticks and raisins on the side.

Week three.....bring it on!

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