Saturday, 26 October 2013

DIY Halloween: Bunting

All you need is:
Coloured paper/card (we're using orange)
String or ribbon
Sticky putty, sticky tape or pins

1) Fold the paper so it creates a square and cut off the excess
2) Fold the square diagonally in both directions so you have 4 triangles, and cut along the folded lines (repeat on extra paper so you have lots of triangles)
3) Stack the triangles and use the hole-punch to create two holes
4) Cut your string to the desired length, then tie a knot on one end
5) Feed the triangles onto the string until full, then tie a knot at the other end
6) Put up your string of bunting using sticky putty, sticky tape or pins


Of course you can use different colours, such as green, black or purple. Or even draw on each could draw 'Happy Halloween' or draw pumpkins or even a spider.

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