Sunday, 15 September 2013

Weight-Loss Journey

After a couple of naughty days: eating a hog roast, and local breads & cheese at the wedding party (and a bottle of wine), and a KFC lunch on the Saturday (a treat for hubby & myself as the kids were away), I'm back up to 13 stone 10 pounds, whoopsy.
But I'm back on SlimFast today, and off to two workout classes in the week (plus some at home exercises when possible).

My next target is looking fabulous for Halloween! Perhaps 13 stone exactly by 31st October? Wish me luck.

Day 1: 14 stone 1 pounds
Day 6: 13 stone 12 pounds
Day 11: 13 stone 9 pounds
Day 16: 13 stone 9 pounds
Day 17: day of wedding party
Day 18: KFC for lunch
Day 19 / 15th September: 13 stone 10 pounds

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