Sunday, 22 September 2013

This week's meal plan

To help save money and be more home-efficient, we design a weekly meal plan! This means when we go food shopping at Lidls, we have a list, and it's easier to say 'no' to temptations!

Sunday (today)
Roast chicken & vegetables (including family Howe favourite sweet potato) for lunch
Pretzels for supper

Cottage Pie

Lasagne, with minced peppers and finely grated carrot hidden in the tomato sauce

Fish'n'Chips, with mushy peas

Mystery dinner of whatever is on offer when shopping........Lidl's had half-price on their pork sausages this weekend, so we'll be having Sausage'n'Mash with peas & carrots

Pizza buffet (I cook up two pizzas, pasta salad, and garlic bread, and chop up some mozzerella and salami for a fun family dinner)

Today's weekly shop cost just a tad over £30 (including all the meat, vegetables, and basics such as bread, milk, eggs, bananas etc. And yoghurts, Babybels and Kinder chocolate aka snacks for the kiddiwinks etc)

Lidls also do great value baby wipes, and we've been trialling their nappies with success too. I also buy their face wipes, and their tea tree facial foam wash when available. I love Lidl's half-price weekend offers (where 3 or 4 products are half-price every weekend) and they have a great 30% off deal for products near their sell-by-date.

And I can't wait for their Christmas range to be launched: delicious pates, Gluhwein (German mulled wine), pannetonne (Italian Christmas sweet bread/cake), marzipan chocolates, and hubby's favourite: their three-bird roast! I'm drooling with anticipation ready!

We also do an online Tesco shop every 2 or 3 months, when we can grab bulk deals of dishwasher tablets, washing liquid, washing powder, fabric conditioner etc, and any brand-name stuff we need (or want!).

Where do you shop for your family? Do you write a meal plan? How do you save money on your food shop?


  1. Im stealing you idea of pizza buffet lol!! It sounds yummy and easy to do for a Friday night tea! xx

    1. Go for it! It's a fun Friday meal! :-D
      Enjoy x

  2. Oh I like the weekly meal plans that is a great idea! ♥

  3. That's awesome! Love your Friday buffet! I should start writing out my meals too! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. love the idea of the pizza buffet! :)

  5. Aw cool! I have been wanting to do this as well so I'm stealing a few ideas lol. I hope you don't mind.

  6. This is awesome!! Its smart to work out a plan and budget.!! I love the pizza buffet!

  7. Loving the meal plan. I plan on doing something like this myself but I can never get around to doing it. It will certainly help me with my budget since we end up spending a lot of money on fast food when we can't decide what to make for that day.

  8. What a great idea. We should definitely start doing that around here. Everyday lately has been a "what do we make for dinner?" kind of day