Saturday, 28 September 2013

Our weekly meal plan

Here is this week's meal plan!

Cheese & ham rolls for lunch
Chicken drumsticks, homemade wedges & coleslaw for dinner

Roast chicken & vegetables for lunch
Omelette for dinner

Cheese & bacon pasta bake with garlic bread

Spider Spaghetti (hot dog spaghetti, with minced fresh peppers and tomatoes hidden in the tomato sauce)

Takeaway (we have a new fridge/freezer and oven being delivered that day and you never know what's gonna happen!)

Fish'n'Chips with peas

Our family tradition of pizza buffet (pizza, pasta salad and garlic bread - a yummy Friday treat)!

Writing a meal plan keeps our weekly food shop costs low as I know exactly what I need to buy. And I can base meals on what's stored in our cupboards so also reduces food waste.

Do you write a family meal plan for your family? What did you have for dinner tonight?

Saturday's dinner......chicken & wedges fresh from the oven!

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