Saturday, 17 August 2013

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm (Bristol) Day Trip

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

Here are some photos from our adventure earlier this week to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, located in Bristol.

Both Tristan and Scarlett enjoyed their day, especially the interactive elements in the Animal Village.

Tristan was very good at holding a few guinea pigs, and was fascinated by their Jersey cow and Shire horses.

Scarlett loved the chickens in the walk-through, and watching the Shetland ponies and donkeys.

As well as your traditional farmyard animals, there are tigers, giraffes and rhinos too! They are also opening an elephant eden later this summer too! Other animals include zebra, meetkats, various primates, and lemurs!

There are 12 indoor and outdoor playgrounds, so perfect for all ages and all weather.

A very reasonably priced family day out, with indoor and outdoor activities, lots of interactivity, and a large (free) car park. Very pushchair friendly too (although being a working farm/zoo, there are a few slightly muddy or rough terrain paths and areas).

Note: They are closed on Sundays

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