Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Underwear Rules

You may have seen the 'The Underwear Rules' campaign on Twitter, YouTube, radio or Facebook recently, and I thought it was something important that needed to be shared.

One of my blogging friends has already uploaded her post about The Underwear Rule. Check her out at Not Even A Bag Of Sugar.

Hubby & I will be chatting to Tristan about The Underwear Rule over the next few days using these talking tips......fingers crossed!


Info taken from their website and the NSPCC

The Underwear Rule is a simple guide to help parents explain to children where others should not try to touch them, how to react and where to seek help. 

What is The Underwear Rule? It’s simple: a child should not be touched by others on parts of the body usually covered by their underwear. And they should not touch others in those areas. 

It also helps explain to children that their body belongs to them, that there are good and bad secrets, and good and bad touches.

About one in five children falls victim to some form of sexual abuse and violence. It happens to children of every gender, every age, every skin colour, every social class and every religion. The perpetrator is often someone the child knows and trusts. The perpetrator can also be a child. 


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