Thursday, 9 May 2013

Scarlett's Summer Holiday Wardrobe

Despite it being ages away, I've started prepping our holiday checklist! A week in a caravan in the South of England, yippee!

I started buying clothes etc for Scarlett for this holiday months ago, and today I layed them all out in outfits in our spare bedroom.

It's a mixture of secondhand (charity shops & FB selling groups) and new, but seeing it together, there are a few gaps.

The obvious one is shoes! Now she's walking, Little Miss Scarlett needs her first pair of shoes! We'll be trekking to Clarkes asap to get her measured and select a nice pair of summer shoes. And a pair of cheap Crocs or jelly shoes for the beach.

I also need a top for a pair of jeans, which are a navy blue base with light pink flowers and mint green leaves detail......hmmm. I can't see anything obvious in her wardrobe at all - shopping trip!

I have two jackets for her: a pink fleece and a coral & pink zip up light cotton jacket. Perfect for summer evenings or chilly days. And swimming costumes, check, and hats & sunglasses, check. Cardigans, check, too! Will bring her current coat for extra chilly/windy/rainy days (it is England, heehee). And specially bought jammies: a sheep onesie, and hot air balloon 2-piece. Cute as!

Anything you think I might have forgotten, or advice? Comment below or Tweet @JellyRoseYate !

This is our first holiday with our baby girl, and already the differences between her and Tristan are immense. Tristan is lots of shorts and tees, plus a cardi and hoody, trousers for a chilly day or evening, with trainers and cheap Crocs - done, lol. Girls have dresses, tunics & leggings, playsuits, rompers, skirts, trousers, pinafores, dungerees......all which need to be co-ordinating. Argh, heehee.

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