Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Mini shopping haul!

Yellow & blue dress for Scarlett, with ice cream van & carousel design!
Was £14, down to £9 in an in-store promotion, but paid only £4 as had a £5 loyalty gift voucher!

Sports Direct
Superman & Batman tees, were £9.99 each, now only £3.99 each
Blue summer dress (with matching socks), was £12.99, now £6.49
Pink Superwomen PJs for Scarlett, was £12.99, now £4.99

What! Party Shop
Closing down sale and everything 50% off
Red ribbon, was £1.99
Black ribbon, was £1.99
Giant birthday card for T, was £1
X3 packs of 4 pirate hats, was £1.19 each
'4' candle, was 49p
Candles, was 99p
Candle holders, was 39p
'4' bunting, was £1.69
X2 foil platters, was 87p

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