Tuesday, 21 May 2013

CO Awareness

Hi all,

I've been asked by the team at FireAngel to help promote Carbon Monoxide (CO) awareness now that summer is finally here, and many of you will be enjoying holidays in caravans or camping.

CO is a highly poisonous gas that you cannot smell, taste nor detect. The only way to detect CO is with an audible CO Alarm. CO Alarms can be bought on the high street: link of stockists from FireAngel

Please remember to only enjoy a bbq outdoor, and NEVER take a bbq indoors. A warm smouldering barbeque will emit CO, and can kill.

Learn to recognise the symptoms of CO poisoning: vomiting, dizziness, weakness and headaches.

Family Howe will be bringing our CO Alarm (we were lucky to win one in a FireAngel & Facebook competition last year) when we go on our caravan holiday later this summer!

Please stay safe, and share this information!
Thank you to the team at FireAngel for the promotional poster and information.

Ciao xxx

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