Monday, 29 April 2013

I gave blood!

Hi everyone,

I'm just home from doing a very good deed - giving blood for the first time*!

It was a little nervewracking, but all the staff are friendly & reassuring. A few little hiccups (I had to explain why I had two c-sections, then they couldn't locate a substantial vein), but once the blood flowed, I completed giving my pint in 7 minutes 32 seconds. And I'm booked-in again for 16 weeks.

Here is me with my plasters on! The kids are fascinated by it and keep poking it - ouchy, heehee. And a big thank you to my friend for joining me and also donating blood.

96% of us rely on the other 4% to give blood. Please don’t leave it to someone else. To find out more or book an appointment at your next session, go to

Do your good deed today - register as a donor, please

Ciao xxx

* well, I once gave blood over ten years ago whilst at sixth form college, but I don't remember much.

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