Saturday, 20 April 2013

Dotty Nails

I treated myself to a new Avon product, a nail art tool!

Only £1.50 in their introductory offer, but £3 at full price.

My first experiment with nail art was using the dotter end to create colourful dots all over my nails.

After priming my nails with a base coat (I used the base coat from EssentialNails), I applied two coats of white varnish (White Lace from EssentialNails). When dried, I prepped the three colours by pooling them on a piece of scrap paper. I also had a cotton wool pad soaked in varnish remover on hand to clean the dotter inbetween colours.

I used three colours from BarryM: Bright Purple, Indigo and Lemon.

I carefully dipped the dotter into the pool of colour #1 and created dots of colour on each nail. After cleaning the dotter, I did the same with colour #2, then repeated with #3.

Of course you can apply as many colours as desired, in whatever colour scheme you wish. As you can see by my photo, I originally only planned two colours, but added the purple to add more vibrancy and depth.

I completed the look by securing it with a layer of top coat (I used EssentialNails').

Easy peasy, and I think I'm going to attempt the striper end next!


If you are in South Gloucestershire, please contact my fabulous friend and Avon lady, Kirstie if you would like to see a brochure or become an Avon rep.
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