Saturday, 6 April 2013

Avon goodies

I treated myself to a few Avon goodies last week.....courtesy of my fabulous Avon lady Kirstie
If you are in South Gloucestershire, check her Avon page out here

Colour Trend nail enamel in Violet Breeze (although box says Very Violet)
I shall do myself a DIY manicure sometime this weekend with this beautiful colour, and show you the process and results on the next blog post. Watch this space.....

Advance Techniques 360 nourishment Moroccan Argan oil leave-in treatment
I've only used this once so far as I naturally have oily hair so reluctant to add more oil! I applied it to the ends of my clean towel-dried hair, and it left the ends of my hair nice and soft after blow-drying! I've never really used any hair treatments (of course shampoo and conditioner, and sometimes Queen for a Day volume spray or Kerastase heat protection cream on rare occassions) but this is a lovely weekly hair treatment that I can easily squeeze into my busy mummy-of-two routine!

Solutions Youth Minerals youth enhancing facial treatment
This is a night-time serum you apply before your usual night cream/moisturiser, and even though it's only been a few days of using it, my skin is gorgeously glowing by the morning! I love the little pipette you use to dispense the serum - "I do science, me!!!" Heehee.

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