Friday, 15 March 2013

Slytherin Inspired Makeup & Nail

I love Snape....officially and unapologetically, I'm a Potterhead (a fan of the entire Harry Potter stories for you muggles, heehee)

So, as it's Friday, I though I'll be fun and do a first draft of Slytherin inspired makeup and nails.

Whatcha think?

I shall do the entire head to toe one day, with my black cloak, Slytherin tee and Slytherin scarf (I do still need a wand though)

My nails are prepped with OPI Nail Envy nail strengthener, and topped with Accessorize's Notorius nail polish. A stunning dark grey shade with green and purple undertones.

My face is prepped with Rimmel Stay Matte foundation, and set with Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder.
My eyes are numerous green shades from several of the Beauty UK eye shadow pallets. With a hint of matte black in the outer corner to add depth, and a dark green under my botton eyelashes.
Lashings of my favourite mascara, Rimmel Glam Eyes, followed by Avon's eye brow Glimmerstick in Blonde to shape and define my brows.
For more depth and brightness, a whisper of white eye shadow was added below the brows and in my inner corners.
To define my eyes a touch more, I added black kohl to my waterline.
A quick slick of Burts Bee gloss on my lips, and done!

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