Saturday, 2 March 2013

Book launch: An Hour Year by Susan Hooper

Today started by visiting Caldicot Library to see my mummy friend Sue launch her first novel, An Hour Year.

"What if you popped out for an hour but were gone an entire year?
Leaving three month old Robbie with his dad while she nips to the shop, Alice returns to discover she’s been gone a whole year, Robbie is fifteen months old and she’s missed it all. Confused, upset and with growing urgency, Alice questions her own sanity as she battles agitation and anxiety while struggling to uncover the truth.
And what exactly is going on between her husband and her best friend?
An Hour Year feels real. But it can’t be, can it?"

I shall be snuggling with this book tonight! And I shall upload the photos from the launch later in the week.

You can purchase this book via Amazon (£7.99) or Kindle (£4.99)

Happy Reading xxx

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