Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bonfire & Fireworks

Well, last night I treated the family to a hot dog and jacket spud dinner, followed by wrapping upwarm and having our own mini family friendly fireworks display in the garden.

For only a fiver, Tesco's family firework pack was perfect for our garden and our very young family. It was just roman candles and sparkly flasy things, so very little noise - great for ickle kiddiwinks.

We also bought a pack of sparklers to enjoy too.

Another benefit of having an at-home display is that we could launch the fireworks at a much earlier time. Most of the public displays don't start until at least 7.30pm, which is Tristan's bedtime! And we didnt have to be cold for silly amounts of time, pay a lot of money for entry fees and snacks/drinks, and no sitting benches........ perfect :)

Ciao xxx

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